WebTech Institute is a privately held online technology training program dedicated to developing and enhancing technology skills for interns who are seeking employment or entrepreneurship opportunities within the technology industry.

This program allows interns the ability to earn money while receiving hands-on web development and entrepreneurial experience while participating in a guaranteed Corporate Intern Program with Korrect Technology, Inc. which is the primary sponsor for WebTech Institute.
What Are The Requirements?
>Must have access to Pentium 3 computer or higher (applies to virtual interns only)
>Must have DSL connection (applies to virtual interns only)
>Must have basic website design experience
>Dreamweaver, Flash, & FrontPage experience a plus
>Must poses good communication skills
>Must provide recommendation (references)
What Does It Cost?

Costs for the 2007-2008 Virtual & In-House Internship:

Program Cost:   $FREE

Acceptance is limited to program availability. Not all applicants will be accepted. 

WebTech Institute is non-discriminatory and will provide equal care and attention for all Virtual Interns enrolled in the program without regard to color, creed, religion, or national origin.

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