We have seen time and time again how websites that are regularly updated with fresh content get more traffic – and more traffic means more business! Yet despite this fundamental rule, we have come across numerous websites that have been created and essentially abandoned, leaving information out there that is months, if not years, out-of-date.

We realized it is the very nature of the web design business that leaves a lot of people out of luck when it's time to update their websites. If you didn't have someone in-house to make the changes for you, or have lots of money to make it worthwhile for the big designers, you were stuck.

At WebTech Institute, our designers have already had all the experience creating and redesigning major websites, and we're ready to take up the slack where the other designers don't have the time or inclination to help. By focusing on website maintenance as a value added service, we help our current customers along with all the people ..like you..who have felt abandoned before!! See our partial Client Portfolio

Your website update request isn't an interruption, it's our business!

Our affordable website maintenance prices are as low as $0.85 per day. We ask that you tell us a little about your company or organization before viewing our current website maintenance price sheet. We will not sell your information nor will we start emailing weekly or monthly marketing solicitations to you.  We respect your PRIVACY .

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