AC Cage Man is the strong arm of protection for all types of air conditioning units. Our company was founded on creating a service focused on keeping your property safe from theft and vandalism.

AC Copper Guard Series
Series I, II, and III

Our AC Cage units are the top solution for protection against air conditioner theft. Our units are created in our manufactuing facility and provide peace of mind from the thought of major vandalism. Our AC Cage units act as a deterrent. Protect your AC units with AC cages that are custom designed and built to your specifications. 14 gauge steel frames mount to your concrete pad, roof or wall. Each cage is 100% welded, heavy duty 14 gauge steel. The hinges are made from heavy duty rolled steel.

Our VIP AC Cage is attractive, affordable, easily removable for maintenance
and easy to install.


Series I - Cub $199 (reg. $225)

Get our new Series I Cub A/C Cage protector. This A/C cage is constructed of steel and can be anchored to concrete or installed in the ground. It protects your air conditioner against theft of your entire ac unit and the precious metals so many thieves are after. Our AC cage unit creates a barrier around your ac unit preventing thieves from walking off with steel, metal, copper wire and other metals from your ac unit. This is the ideal security system that makes ac thieves pass you by.


  • Constructed of 1"x1" 16ga Square Tubing 
  • 1.5"x1.5"x1/8 Mount Tabs with 3/8" Hole
  • 12" Clearance for Existing Copper Lines
  • Designed to be fastened to a Concrete Pad or Anchored in the Ground
  • Primed Welds and Painted with Rust Inhibitor Black Satin Paint
  • Shipped Fully Assembled


Series II - Tube Style $250 (reg. $299)

Buy our new Series II A/C Cage protector. This ac cage unit has reinforced vertical steel and horizontal support bars to keep thieves away from your air conditioners. This ac cage protection unit is ideal for investment properties and residential homes. Steel cage units can be customized to fit your needs. This A/C Cage features a hinged top for easy access to A/C components. This design uses our locking bolts to secure the hinged top. All our products allow full service access or a/c replacement after installation.
These models are constructed of square tubing and are the most recognizable A/C cage. This style is popular due to the simple design and affordable price. These Models can be fastened to a Concrete Pad or Anchored in the Ground.

  • Solid Construction
  • Lcckable Gate (Lock not included)
  • Service Accessible
  • Painted Black for Pleasing Appearance and Durability
  • Designed to be Anchored to Concrete Pad or Secured in Ground with Cement
  • 32x32x40
  • Custom Sizes also Available 36x36x36h | 36x36x48h | 42x42x48h
  • Shipped Fully Assembled

Series III - Expanded Metal $299 (reg. $350)

Secure you air conditioning units with our top of the line A/C Cage, the Series III. This cage features angle iron and expanded metal to protect the unit from theft, damage, vandalism and debris. This cage is a favorite for real estate investors and homeowners, and commercial A/C units behind the building. Thieves are no match for this security solution. It's clean design makes it the optimal product for your ac protection needs.


  • Removable Lid for Added Service Ability
  • Steel Flat Bar In Center of Screen for added Intrusion Prevention
  • Notched Corner For Hassle Free Installation around Existing Copper Lines
  • Designed to be fastened to a Concrete Pad or Anchored in the Ground
  • Helps Prevent Leaves and Debris from Collecting in Unit
  • Primed Welds and Painted with Rust Inhibitor Black Satin Paint
  • Shipped Fully Assembled

As the economy continues to fall deeper into a recession copper theft is on the rise. Some studies report an over 57% increase in the past year alone.

Copper theft leaves air conditioning units completely destroyed, requiring home and business owners to replace expensive equipment for a fraction of the cost worth of copper. The average homeowner loss is $5,000-$6,000. For commercial spaces with much larger square footage the cost is often substantially higher and can cost $30,000.00 or more!

Saving money is important to everyone in today's economy. Why risk losing your hard-earned money to random copper theft? Protect your investment with our rugged and affordable Air Conditioner Security Cages.


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