WebTech Institute is a full service web design and consulting agency that provides customized, brand-centric, corporate websites for small to large-scale businesses. Our approach is simply to listen to our clients needs and create the best possible online presence to ignite interaction with their customers and collaborators.

Our team provides web consulting services to those clients in need of creative direction, marketing strategies for their website or to enhance their brand image.
Approaching your business the right way
Our process allows us to understand the depths of your brand and how it applies to the web.
The WebTech process involves
5 primary steps:

Step I
Discovery - All projects require a knowledgebase that will help us produce an efficiently run website. In order to do that we conduct in-depth research, interviews, assessments both creative and technical and defining objectives and level on content.

Step II
Planning - We'll develop a project plan that maps out the entire process for your project. From designing site architecture to content planning to developing a maintenance plan, every detail is considered to best execute the development of your website.

Step III
Development - Once all planning and design documents are in place, we move into the development phase which includes concept design, graphic design, web design, web development and programming.

Step IV
Implementation - Once the website is in full functional form, we take it through a series of quality assurance tests and content proofing to make sure all pages are operating properly. A soft launch is conducted to work out any final updates prior to going live. When all phases have been approved, we prepare announcements and launch.

Step V
Track & Maintenance - A website is a business and with a business comes the responsibility of making sure its running at full compacity at all times. You can better understand how to market your business by reviewing web trends and updating areas of your site to meet the demands of your customers. We include a maintenance plan at the end of the process to give the support team direction as to how and when the site needs to be managed and updated.

WebTech has a talented group of web designers that understand not only design trends but also how to market your product or service. We use the latest trends in graphic design and interactive design to create high-end professional websites. Take a look at our portfolio

  If you have an existing website but need to enhance the look and feel as well as add more market-driven content, then we can help. Through web audits and discovery sessions, we can work with your business to determine the right level of creative and functional development needed to promote your company and increase site visits.
  Promoting your website to a targeted audience takes various approaches to increase your website traffic, build a report with your customers and increase brand awareness. We have the subject matter experts that can make your website create more business for you. We focus on:

Search Engine Optimization
Increasing website traffic by positioning your business on search engines like google and yahoo are important when targeting local, regional, national or international customers. Click here for more information and pricing solutions that fit your business needs.

Brand Development
Your brand stands for everything your business is about. Our job in brand development is making sure your corporate identity is at a level that makes believers out of your site visitors and potential customers. We make sure your identity is consistent throughout your website and your offline communications. Our team has the experience in corporate identity design, print communications, and developing brand strategies that will get your name into your industry.

Offline Marketing that drives traffic to your site through print communications.
  Our web consulting service allows you to get the support needed at the pace you would like to take with your business. Whether its providing you with creative design consulting or helping you develop strategies and plans to present your ideas to top leadership, we have the team that can assist you. Call our office at 800-204-8129 for more information.
  Once the design of your website is completed, your web pages need to be " put online " to actually be seen by anyone! This is done by renting a space on the internet, similar to renting your space in a trade show to promote your products and services. 

Our hosting options use the idea of sharing a server and a high-speed Internet connection, therefore significantly reducing the cost of establishing an Internet presence .  With these options you have access to high-speed connections to the Internet (T3 or higher) but at a fraction of the cost that would normally be involved to have access to this bandwidth.
  At WebTech Institute, our designers have already had all the experience creating and redesigning major websites, and we're ready to take up the slack where the other designers don't have the time or inclination to help. By focusing on website maintenance as a value added service, we help our current customers along with all the people ..like you..who have felt abandoned before!!

Our affordable website maintenance prices are as low as $0.85 per day.
  We ask that you tell us a little about your company or organization before viewing our current website maintenance price sheet.  If you are a current client just login using your assigned user name and password.  We will not sell your information nor will we start emailing weekly or monthly marketing solicitations to you.  We respect your PRIVACY .
WebTech also offers FREE website designs for qualified small, med, and non-profit businesses and organizations.

If your organization qualify, you will only pay for the annual hosting of your website and the design and development of your basic website is provided by one of our interns at no charge.  Call us or click here to see if your company or organization qualify for this great starter program.
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